Special Features

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At Hancock Decks we pride ourselves in designing quality decks that satisfy all of your needs. When designing your deck, there are many special features that can be built into the design. Our specialty features include: accent lighting, arbors, benches, planters, storage space, and more!

Accent Lighting: The use of accent lighting provides a relaxed setting for you and your guests. Our accent lights provide a unique and beautiful look. Our accents lights add style to your home and deck and are durable and safe. When daylight hours grow shorter, you may be wondering how to brighten your homes nighttime appearance. Though usually overlooked, outdoor lighting is a subtle change that can completely revamp your home’s outdoor look. At Hancock Decks, we offer a variety of different accent lighting for you to choose from.

Arbors: Are you looking for a beautiful, custom designed, outdoor structure? An arbor makes a great addition to your home, garden or backyard that provides shade, seating, or simply serves as a decorative piece. Here at Hancock Decks, we can build you an arbor specifically tailored to your home or backyard area. It will compliment the exterior of your home, yard, or garden with our unique arbor design. Allow us to design and build your personal outdoor oasis. Our arbors will provide an elegant look to any back yard. Buy some vines and watch as they grow up this structure.

Benches: Add additional seating to your deck with an assortment of different bench options. Our custom benches include, built in corner benches, portable benches, and custom angled benches. Deck benches add to the seating capacity of your deck, chairs are often more expensive and use more space. Hancock Decks will design your deck with custom benches built into the design.

Planter Boxes:
Enhance your deck with planters for your flowers. Watch your deck come alive with this small detail. You and your guests will enjoy the scent and look of your flowers. Adding this feature not only makes the space more enjoyable but increases the appeal of any deck.

Creating storage beneath your deck is a great place to put your yard or pool supplies. Don’t add the expense of buying or building a shed, turn the underside of your deck into a place to store your stuff!

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Hancock Decks is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and designing and building quality decks. No matter what specialty features you would like added to your custom deck, call Hancock Decks 413-525-3556 or at k.hancock@hancockdecks.com