Wood Decks

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At Hancock Decks, we design and build custom decks from different species of wood.

Our high quality wood decks provide a natural look for any yard. The three types of species we most commonly build with include:

  • Treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • Cedar
  • IPE

Treated Southern Yellow Pine:
The Southern Pine comes from four main species found in the southern states of the U.S. The four species include:  slash, longleaf, shortleaf and loblolly. This wood is naturally beautiful and is pressure treated. It is a softer wood that is strong and durable. The yellow pine is usually a golden color and the wood provides a unique grain pattern.

Cedar wood provides a natural look for any deck. This material does not absorb moisture as much as other material, preventing the wood from splitting. Cedar is very durable and varies in color. Often times the color ranges from a brown / red tone to a white color. Though cedar is a durable material it does need to be maintained. This material needs to be cleaned and resealed every few years.

What is IPE? IPE comes from the South American tree species Tabebuia. It is known for being a sturdy durable hardwood which is great for outdoor projects. It ranges in color; IPE can range from a reddish brown to an olive brown color.

Other hardwoods available include Mahogany, Tigerwood , and Cumaru. Tigerwood and Cumaru are similar to IPE in color, durability, and variety.

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